Why use Lead Engine?

Marketing and Sales for your business can be frustrating, there’s no questioning that.

You brainstorm for days, weeks, years, and in the end, you know you’ve got something that people will like.

You know the Return On Investment is absolutely there. There’s zero question in your mind that this is a money-maker, you just don’t know how to stir up the customers or clients to make it go.

Who do I call? And once I figure that question out, where do I start? How do I get to the right person who can make decisions and invest in my product or idea?

All good questions.

The perfect product or idea is right there.

You know it’s good.

Who will listen?

Enter Lead Engine.

Lead Engine will find you the right person to talk to, and they’ll get your product or idea in front of the right potential clients. Consider Lead Engine a part of your staff, but they’re essentially a tax-free employee.

“We are a non W-2ed Sales and Marketing staff for your business,” said Lead Engine Director of Marketing, Travis Dunn. “We work hard at networking, and getting the leads that you need.”

It’s all about knowing your target customer well enough, and that can be tough to do if you’re not in the business of sales and marketing. Customer discovery can be a monumental challenge, and cold calling to find that customer base is an uncomfortable proposition for many people.

But that’s what Lead Engine does…they find you the customers through extensive research and outreach. Lead Engine has a deep understanding of target customers, and they are laser-focused on finding leads for your company.

“We take the guesswork out of prospecting, and we help generate leads,” said Lead Engine co-founder and Vice President, Brandon Kathman. “Trying to prospect on your own and finding the right connection with customers can be daunting. But that’s what we do, and we absolutely know we can help companies to expand their customer base.”

Plus, prospecting for new customers can be expensive when basing your effort on guesswork. As we’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, most sales prospects do not become qualified leads, and the majority of cold calls or emails don’t result in getting your sales efforts to the next level.

Working in sales isn’t easy. If you’re not comfortable with it, chances are it will be translated through your communication with a potential client. But in the end, hard work usually equates to successful work, and again, that’s where Lead Engine is relentless in getting to that desired result.

It’s been said that sales is 90% wasted effort. Imagine spending massive amounts of time on sales and marketing, all the while knowing you’re wasting a massive amount of time. Your time should be doing what you’re good at. Leave the sales and prospects to Lead Engine.

“We drive top line revenue while keeping your bottom line in mind,” said Lead Engine co-founder, Pat Spielmann. “Generating revenue for your company is our business model. We’ve done it for many companies, and the return on their investment is always very strong.”

Just like any successful company, it comes down to the successful repetition. Trucking companies are experts in hauling merchandise, retail stores are good at selling their product, coffee shops are good and moving cups of Joe, and hardware stores are the experts in selling you a hammer.

When it comes to prospecting and finding potential clients, there’s no one better than Lead Engine.

Many companies have to be disciplined to put aside time to prospect. It’s a challenge, no doubt for many companies. But Lead Engine prospects new clients, every…single…day.

All day.

Lead Engine is diverse, and they use every method available to find the end result. They have cold calling experts, and if that’s working for them, they’ll use it. But they don’t focus on just one method. There is email marketing, inbound marketing, networking, direct mail, social networking, referrals and trade shows, to name a few. Lead Engine are experts in reaching the masses in an effective way, and they have many approaches in their arsenal.
In sales, you hear “no” a lot.

A lot.

Lead Engine knows this, but they’ve also built business relationships over time. They are consistent and relentless in their objective, finding prospects and potential sales for you.

Lead Engine opens relationships, and they get it done by successful prospecting.

We can do it for you, too.

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Our team of lead-generating professionals drive top line revenue growth for businesses by handling the toughest parts of digital marketing & sales for you. Using proven methods to help you create a list of leads that fit with your brand, as a result, we focus completely on lead generation. We do the hard part of marketing & sales, freeing you up to invest your energy in closing deals.

We invite you to contact us today for a a no cost assessment on your marketing and sales platform.

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