The Top 3 Negotiation Skills of Persuasive People

Negotiation….how many times did you think to yourself – this task just wasn’t cut out for me – simply because you weren’t a born negotiator? You look around and just see yourself losing to people. People persuade you but you can never persuade them. This makes you assume they are talented and you are not. You forget words and lose track of what to say. This is a huge problem in terms of cold calling. It also increases the failure rate because you just feel that weren’t born for it.

The Top 3 Negotiation Skills of Persuasive People

But you will be surprised to know people aren’t born as good negotiators. Yes, there may be a few who are naturally great at it but you can surpass them too. All you need to do is develop a few skills. After that, you combine the skills to be a great negotiator – one that people just cannot escape from or win against.

Why Do You Need The Skills?

In order to persuade, of course. But why do you have to persuade people? Not only to make them do what you want, for their own good as well. Human beings are lazy and they don’t want to do much unless they are forced to. And when people do anything, they get results for it. So you need the persuasion skills to do better and make people you care about to do better as well.

If you are in the sales job, then persuasion skills are an asset. You can handle almost anything using these skills. In fact, you will be grabbing better deals when you go to the shop once you grow better.

What Are The Top Three Negotiation Skills?

1.    Pinning It All Down Accurately

If you notice closely, you will realize you feel less nervous during a presentation compared to before it. It happens due to the lack of knowledge. In fact, the more you know about what you are presenting, the more passionate you are about it and the more confident you get about it. In the case of persuasion as well – knowledge is the power.

You need to know your customers, your product / service and yourself first. You need to know your target market to know how they think and what they need. Then, you need to know what your product and services can do for the customers – how they may help them. Finally, you need to know if you believe in what you’re trying to sell. You can persuade others only when you’re able to persuade yourself about the benefits of the thing you are selling.

So, the skill you need to achieve all these- is the ability to pin down all the important factors. Firstly, you need to learn to ask the right questions to your customers. You need to make the whole conversation about them.

And, you need to believe it is about them to pin down their situations and necessities. Second, you will have to determine the best features of your product and finally what makes the product valuable to you.

For example, when you are trying to sell a cream on cold calls, you ask questions like:

Is the sunburn scorching you down? Is your skin too dry these days?

Depending on the potential answers, you can help the prospects. And with all your pre-gained knowledge, you grow confident enough to tell your prospect on the phone about how your product can help.

Gaining the skill here is easy but doing it within the span of a call is what makes it difficult. That is where practice comes in.

2. Being Prepared

Yes, being prepared is itself a skill and you gain it slowly with time and practice. Think of it this way – you will always find a colleague around you always arriving in time. Always able to do great at presentations no matter how sudden they are. You may try the same but it just does not happen every day.

This is because your colleague has trained himself in being prepared, regardless of the situation. And the best part? Being prepared only requires a few basic facts on your part and you will always be prepared.

When it comes to cold calling – you need to be ready with all the knowledge you can as we already mentioned. You have to know the questions beforehand and also the answers of your prospects. That’s how you prove them you know what you’re doing.

The first skill of being prepared includes pinning all down makes your customer believe you want the best for him – that you’re genuinely concerned about the problems he faces.

The second skill of being prepared tells him that you are actually reliable and quite adept in the sector. So, he is telling the right person. And, who do we trust when we go to buy mobile phones we do not understand the specifications of? The people who know about it. Therefore, your prospect will trust you more and grant what you suggest easily, because now, you’re trustworthy.

Also, you have to be prepared for things not going in your favor. At times, you will find yourself stuck in situations. Try making up ways to get out of such situations later and use those ways the next time. You may fail but you’re practicing, which can cause bigger successes than failures the very next time.

Therefore, be prepared with a few strategies as a backup for any situation you may get into. It will save you from losing your job even.

3.    Being Patient

When you’re cold calling, you will face more failures than successes. There will be people hanging up on your face and there will be ones that don’t even pick. It is nothing personal, just that they don’t need what you’re offering.

When they do pick up and listen, you have to forget what happened before that and take control. You have to be patient and carry out your act no matter what.

When you fail to take the prospect to the next level you had promised – you learn from it and try with the next prospect. The bad part – cold calling is a road full of failures but a few successes that just simply change your game. And in hopes of those few remarkable successes, you keep going with patience in mind and courage in heart.

Also, you need the patience to understand your mistakes as well. You need to put your emotions aside and keep working on the mistakes again and again. But know that you’ll make the same mistake again. But you cannot lose faith just for that.


Cold calling is one of the most feared tasks by salespeople. However, it is one of the best ways to develop the skills essential for every aspect of your life. You’re out there in the open, left to fight. In the primitive age, it was a tiger or other carnivorous animals stimulating the flight or fight response in humans. But now – it is activities like cold calling that stimulate the same. You need to overcome fear through knowledge, practice, and skills, all while being adamant about it.

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