Power of Prospecting

Prospecting in business is a super-power

Among other things, it comes down to confidence. Confidence in your calls, and ability to sell, absolutely translates on your calls when you’re prospecting. Your first impression on a call hinges on how confident you sound… … Read More

How to Market a Business

5 Proven methods for marketing your business

It’s an investment that fuels the growth of your business. If you’re not doing it right (or not doing it at all), then you’re missing huge opportunities and losing customers to your competitors… … Read More

Discovery Meeting

Fastest way from cold calling to discovery meeting

Tt’s always a tough call…that first cold call. Some salespeople thrive on it, others can think of a million things they’d rather be doing than a call. In the end, the cold call starts it all and once it’s made, how do you parlay that… … Read More