Serving The Right Content To The Right Audience

When you watched TV as a kid, which ads did you focus on most? Ones with chips, toys, chocolates, or magic in it, right? That’s content.
After getting brainwashed for long, you rushed to your parents asking for the items. And at one point, your parents bought you those.

Similarly, your parents were also interested is some ads – although they didn’t spark your interest – ads with houses, equipment, cleaning utensils, and so forth. That’s a live example of each ad having its own audience. You can reach your audience and make them customers down the road with the marketing and sales funnels.

Serving The Right Content To The Right Audience

Finding the right audience for your advertisement or product or service is not easy at all. You have to carefully cater to the right target market because or else all your marketing expenses will be wasted without any fruitful results. You may know who your target audience is but not all of them will turn into customers. But, you have to turn the maximum number of prospects into customers. In order to do that you need the help of funnels.

What Is A Funnel?

In marketing, a funnel means a bunch of steps someone has to go through before reaching the conversion. They are broader at the top and gradually narrow down towards the bottom – much like the size of prospects at different levels of marketing and sales. It mainly contains three levels which demand different set of activities from the prospects. Let’s delve into how a funnel really works and how you serve each of the levels.

The Levels – There are 3 prime stages in a funnel.

1.    The Top of the Funnel Content

This is the widest part with the biggest audience. You’ve chosen your target market and you want them to know about you. And that’s exactly your goal at this level – create awareness about your business.

You reach far and wide but at the right places in this level. In fact, the actions at this level are more in number, and less in quality. The more people you can bring in this level, the more people will make it to the next. The common activities of this funnel include:

Websites or Blogs: In the modern age, one of the most common ways to inform others about you is through websites or blogs. You post articles that are relevant to them and they find these articles when looking for the solution to their problems. In fact, you’ve to use the right keywords to help your prospects find you easily.

The best way to maintain blogs is sharing your knowledge on broad topics first and gradually moving deeper into it. People who visited just to gain information, without the intention of buying, will limit themselves to the broad topics. On the other hand, people with actual interest will judge you by observing what you’ve posted. Finally, they may want your products as you have deep knowledge on the topic, thereby, seem authoritative.

Facebook and other social media apps: In this stage, your goal is to reach the maximum number of audience in your target group. As a result, one of the best ways to do so is by advertising on Facebook and other social networks. These networks have the most number of followers. In addition, Facebook and other platforms offer you custom audience feature too. Using this feature, you can limit your audience to the relevant people, thereby, save costs.

You just need to choose basing on what you want to narrow down your audience. And Facebook does the rest for you. Since the top of the funnel has most prospects – Social media like Facebook with its endless users is a great platform for the top of the funnel.

Newspaper and other media: Your target audience might not even use digital platforms like Facebook. They might read the newspaper or the radio. Marketing for the top of the funnel includes this as well. Your aim is to reach your target customers in any way possible – digital or not.

Google Analytics and more: One crucial step in the top of the funnel is deciding if the plan you chose is working. Use Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic – which pages get most visits, where people stop, and so forth. This will give you an idea of what’s working and what’s not.

Based on this, you can change your strategies again to come up with new ones. Use the tool again to figure out if your strategies are working, if the ad is attractive enough, and more.

2.    The Middle of the Funnel Content

You’ve made your prospects aware that you exist, but that’s not enough. For example: you know there are many superstores around you, but you don’t buy from all of them. Chances are, you only go to that one super-shop you’ve always visited.

The middle funnel is about informing people about you, thereby, gaining their information. Of course, you collect the information consensually – the prospect himself give it to you. This is the phase where you collect the email address or phone number of your customer based on the data you have on them.

Next, you lure them in. When you get the email address – you’ve to leave a mark on your prospect’s brain. In fact, you use the email address or other contact information to talk about products or services they might be interested in.

Cache and Google Analytics help you create personalized messages so you can talk to the prospects about exactly what they’re looking for.

Here, prospects dive deep into your website and decide on buying something from you.

3. The Bottom of The Funnel Content

This is the few numbers of people who actually into customers from being a mere prospect. They spend the money on you to get your product or service. So, what do you do for this bottom level? You make them offers that they simply cannot refuse.

Turning prospects into customers through a sales funnel is hard enough. But keeping them is even harder. You must come up with new ideas, discounts, bundles, and so forth to inform your customers they’re valued and you’re worth it as well. In fact, you need convince them that you want the best for them.

You can do both – cross-market and push market. You can show your customers ads on similar products that may spark interest. Or, you can show them things that can complement whatever they were buying.

Keeping in touch to inform them about the latest deals is also part of your job. Because customers aren’t bound to chase you down, when your competitors have a red carpet rolled out. You must attract them with how you flaunt your business.

The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a prime part of marketing funnel. It mainly involves turning prospects into customers. Many people mistake the sales funnel for the marketing funnel itself. But sales funnel is actually a part of the bottom level of the marketing funnel. You must get both the tunnels right to get the results you want.


You can have the best marketing strategy. You could be putting hours of execution after it. Even then, it’s not working, your revenues are not increasing. The reason behind the failure may not be your advertisement or campaign- it actually is choosing the wrong content for the right audience or the right one for the wrong audience.

If you don’t own a pet, an ad about owl food won’t attract you, will it? Similarly, for each level for the funnel, you need to set up a standard way of dealing. In this way, people won’t be confused about what a marketing funnel is and how it is directed.

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