Sales Team: The Cost of Hiring Inside vs. Outsourced Sales

Before you start posting on wanted boards and hiring an HR company to put together a sales team for your company, there are a few things you should know.

First, an in-house sales team is not your only option. Secondly, the person on the other line gets the same experience that your sales rep would get. Hiring an outsourced team can bring you bigger and better results at a lower cost. There are many misconceptions about outsourcing, but the belief that it’s much more costly than an in-house team seems to be the most common one. Most owners do not factor in the cost of hiring an employee. It’s not just the salary, insurance, and training. You don’t have to take my word for it, I’ll break it down for you in actual numbers.

When hiring an employee, there are certain costs that need to be considered.

The average sales rep salary is at $70k a year. As an employer, you need to pay another 20% on average for taxes, benefits, etc. That means the employee now costs an average of $84k a year. On average, there are 22 work days a month. Taking into account holidays, vacations, and sick days, employees work an average of 16 days a month. Sales employees are most effective up to five hours a day. Five hours a day for 16 days a month is a total 80 hours a month – 960 hours a year which you’re paying $84k for.

That’s $87.5 per hour OR $182,000 annualized!

On average, the price you pay per hour for a part-time outsourced sales professional ranges from $40 to $70.

Overall, working with a professional and experienced outsourced team means that you pay less and get more. At Lead Engine, we are an extension of your sales and marketing team. We make the cold calls so you can spend more time closing deals.

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