How To Use The Law of Reciprocity When Cold Calling

Reciprocity is one of the human’s nature. We are wired for it.

How does it feel to call someone to get to work? For example: calling a friend to complete an ongoing group assignment. They will be irritated, or at least in a bad mood, because they have to work and you’re the person pushing them. It doesn’t help you feel better, right? However, when the task is accomplished – you two experience different things. The more dedication, hard work, and irritation you personally put in – the better you feel with improved outcomes. So when you call someone, look at the bigger picture. Think about their benefits of completing the project.

How To Use The Law of Reciprocity When Cold Calling

This is why sports coaches are super rude to players on an ongoing game, yet sleep like a baby at night. Here, the coaches know their behavior is pushing all the players towards success. And that’s how you should think in the world of business – with the greater picture in mind.

What Exactly Is The Law of Reciprocity?

The philosophy – what you give, circles back to you – is called the law of reciprocity. If you do good for others, it will return in ways you’ve never imagined. While similar to ‘Karma’ – Karma is taken in a more negative sense. When called calling, you can deploy the law of reciprocity in several ways. Now – you might be wondering – how in the world can cold calling – a forced act relate to the law of reciprocity? Soon you will find out.

What’s Cold Calling?

Cold calling means a salesperson calls a prospect telling the company’s product / service can help him, thereby, landing a sale, or arranging a meeting to proceed further. If you’ve been a target of cold calls, you know how intrusively irritating it can be. On the other hand, if you’ve been the cold caller, you know how stressful, demotivating and fruitless it can be. The bright side – it doesn’t’ have to be that way – and that’s why people use cold calling till this day.

Ways How The Law of Reciprocity Can Help In Cold Calling

Pinning Down The Benefits of Cold Calling

Let’s face it – you bear an awful impression about cold calls. You do not like it, you know your customers won’t like it, but you must do it anyways. But – if cold calling was always hated by both the parties, why would people still be using it? To answer that, let’s take a look at the benefits of cold callings below:

  • Awareness: Your prospects may ignore emails and ads, but people tend not to ignore calls. The prospect might need your solution desperately, but doesn’t know the solution exists, or where it exists. On cold calls, you let the person know about the solution, and that’s a positive human trait.
  • Time-efficient: Everybody talks faster than they read or write. For this reason, we convey messages fast over phones. So when cold calling, you take less of your prospect’s time, while helping them. You don’t push them through emails to read your words.
  • Clear: As you may have noticed, misunderstandings tend to happen more when writing or texting. But when you call someone to explain, you’re being clearer and you can deal with misunderstandings instantly. Therefore, whatever you’re pitching reaches your prospects clearly.

Having A Positive Outlook

Now that you are aware of benefits, first you must believe in the law of reciprocity. With cold calls, you’re contributing towards good. So now that we know you might be providing someone exactly what they need and fast. Thus, stick to this belief and you won’t feel like you’re interrupting or irritating.

Think of the problems he is facing and simply offer them the solutions. Such a mindset will automatically lift your spirits and help you perform better. The reason? You’re confident and doing something important.

That being said, you need to research your prospects for this, so you know what their paint points are and how your solution can help them. In this way, you will be friendlier with your prospects too and you will also feel important.

Your Prospects Will Trust You

Don’t look for instant rewards in this case. The person you will contact won’t buy your product or agree to a meeting right away. However, he will be listening to you. He will be curious about this stranger brand aware of his problems and willing to help. However, the greatest trust will come if you don’t push them to buy your product. Simply tell them how it can help.

While your prospect might not become your customer by buying your solution, they sure become your well-wisher. And at one point, they might offer you profits you couldn’t even think of. Say you’re a restaurant. Your prospect could delay visiting you until he plans to arrange a huge party to celebrate something.

Also, when they know you aren’t trying to manipulate, they listen. And actually think about your words. Therefore, your chances of getting future sales increase, while losing nothing.

You Can Make Them Feel Useful

The knowledge of reciprocity goes both ways. If you think your help will bring back help to you, so does your prospect. As humans, who doesn’t like feeling useful – having a purpose? That’s what you must do when cold calling – make your prospects feel useful.

You can delay advertising your product or solution. In fact, at first, you can ask questions like:

“Are these the problems you face when cleaning your house? Would you help us find some more so we can design products designed to solve the problems?”

This way, you’re engaging the customer. They don’t feel you’re exploiting them because you aren’t simply asking for feedback. And who doesn’t love giving feedback – getting themselves heard?

For this reason, prospects often go far on cold calls to offer your feedback. And when you have the insight, you can simply drop a short suggestion by talking about the already existing products / services to fix some issues.

Valuing Who Helps You

Let’s say you got information from your prospects or revenue from your customers. In case of return clients / customers, the goal is to give back to them.

When you call people who already did business with you – you update them about better products / services, discounts, offers, and deals. Therefore, you’re again helping them know about things that can’t only solve the problem but cut down their costs too. Much like a friend suggesting another friend about a great ongoing offer so he gets to enjoy the benefits first.


Life is all about survival until empathy, kindness, morality, and greatness enters it. Most people have a crooked view of business where everything is about selling, whether the clients / customers need it or not. This is where you can make a difference with the law of reciprocity even when cold calling. People won’t only buy from you, but respect you enough to suggest you to others. If word of mouth is a weapon, you will get it more than anyone else in the market.

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