How To Write A Good LinkedIn Request

When you find a connection request on social media – do you accept it blindly? Of course, not. Perhaps you’ve done that in your budding days due to zero friends but that’s not the norm anymore. Simply because – you don’t want your newsfeed flooded with meaning posts from strangers.

How To Write A Good LinkedIn Request

In terms of LinkedIn, the case is far more serious. People strive to maintain a good image and carefully add people to network. Because chances are, people might see your network and judge you right away. In order to connect with the best people – you must send an attention-grabbing request – simple requests just can’t impact the same.

However, you must write the message carefully too since you don’t want to strike them as a creep no. So let’s get down to the best ways to write a good LinkedIn request message that can connect you to a beautiful future.

How To Write A LinkedIn Request: The Ways

1. To Somebody You Know

When you’re adding a friend or somebody familiar on LinkedIn, you don’t need to overthink it – simply sending out a connection request would do. That said, you still don’t want to be ignored by any chance, do you?

That’s why, sending a message alongside the request is important. You can try something like – “Hey, it’s nice to see you on LinkedIn. Gotta admit – this by far is the best use of social media. Let’s connect and keep in touch, shall we?”

The professional tone makes it very appealing. Here, you’re being completely straightforward – wanting to keep in touch. You can also add past interaction or happening experiences as the extra mile.

Something like – “Hey, it is nice to see you here. I really enjoyed talking with you on the [Facebook group name] group. Let’s get connected, shall we?”

That last question increases the chances of getting connected, as well as landing a reply.

2. To A Colleague

While a lot of colleagues may be very irritating, we still need to stay in touch. The irritation, however, isn’t always personal – more towards professional because often they tell you about the work you have to do. But at times, they can turn out lifesavers as well.

You want track their career progress, initiatives and talk about important life and career decisions. Knowing and being on good terms with can help. And since it is a colleague you’re trying to add –  you can be both – formal yet humorous.

Something like –

“Hey [First name], nice to see you here. First, thanks for the coffee / help on the project in office the other day. It really helped me big time. Let’s connect and keep in touch here, shall we?”

3.    To A Senior

First, there are friendly seniors. Then, there are who complain on almost everything. Whichever kind you’re messaging, it is essential to remain formal. While it can be personal, it also has to be courteous and sensible.

Something like:

“Hi, it was a pleasure and honor to work with you on the project we just finished. Thanks for all the praises and pointing out how it can be bettered. And I wish to connect and keep in touch with you. Shall we?”

4.    To Someone You Met At An Event

While we meet a lot of people at events, nobody remembers them all.  And if you’re trying to connect with someone you met at an event after some time, it can be hard without a memorable message request.

Since things are strictly formal between you both – maintaining a formal tone is essential. You can add humor to stand out but study your target carefully. He might not like bantering in professional life.

When sending a message, you must specifically remind the person about your interaction. Mention the event and what you spoke about. Then express your interest and gratitude. Compliments go a long way in message requests.

For example, you can say:

“Hi, it was really nice talking about the latest cars at the Grand Party tonight. I found your insights very helpful and gave me lots of perspective on it. Would love to connect and keep in touch.”

5.    To Someone Who Doesn’t Know You But You Admire

This is exactly why people embrace LinkedIn. Perhaps, you have an icon you want to learn more about professionally. And since many people like to keep their personal lives separate from professional, you might not be able to reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

However, LinkedIn is different. Here, you’re meant to interact professionally. But you must do it right. The receiver of your message should feel either he will gain something from you or will be able to help you. Most successful people love helping others and sharing insights with people who understand. And if you fall under that breed of people, chances are, you’re very polite yet specific.

For example, you can write:

“Hi, I’ve been following your write-ups and more on economy for a long time, and I must say, they are lovely. They’ve taught me a lot and changed my views as well. It would be amazing if I could learn more of your insights on the topic. And I had some questions too. Shall we talk when you have some time?”

This shows you’re trying to connect for good reasons, and improving yourself – no BS. And remember, successful people give time selflessly to those who don’t waste it.

6.    To Recruiters Or people, You Want To Work With

These are the ‘hit or miss’ messages you find on LinkedIn. And when sending these, you must strike a balance between being too desperate or too lethargic. Rather, formal, specific, and interesting – which can be hard to pull off at first.

For example, you can say:

“Hi, I’m a freelance writer who loves to transform everything into beautiful words. As a photographer, you take beautiful photos and adding some amazing words can skyrocket the value and engagement. If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to you on this.”

Last Words

Social media is quite a difficult place. While it makes things easy for everyone, it also has dangerous cons. For example, it can destroy your reputation in a split second. One single message can scar you for life. Sure, you can make up for the damage at times, but it’s best to be careful beforehand.

One such damage is sending the wrong message to someone you admire and want to connect with. First, you must target who you want to connect with. You must be careful about who you decide to connect with, helping you maintain a good profile and reputation online.

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