How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn

Social media has become an inevitable part of not only business, but life in general. You may even receive your daily updates on social networks – and there’s no way around it if you’re employed. And for professional work, LinkedIn is the prime platform. As humans, we’re actually never satisfied and always trying to do better. So chances are, you still look for new job opportunities or prospects on LinkedIn for business. Whatever it is, LinkedIn prospecting is one important task in modern life.

How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn

Finding prospects can seem hard. And when it is about connecting and keeping prospects to make them customers – you already know how hard it can be. However, if you’re starting out on the right path, it isn’t that hard. You must be very consistent and persistent. Let’s look at a few things that’ll help grow your network on LinkedIn.

Things You Must Do For LinkedIn Prospecting

1.    Start With The Basics – Complete Your Profile

When you open a new LinkedIn account, you will have to give your information. However, LinkedIn doesn’t obligate you to provide all the information. You can skip a few, though that’s not good for business.

You may be worried about your privacy, but the details they ask for can’t really be used against you. Further, LinkedIn will rank your profile comparing you to others basing on how complete your account is.

Therefore, if you want to gain LinkedIn’s favors, you have to complete your profile. Further, there will be people looking at your profile and wanting to connect, but the lack of information may stop them. And that stop is real – how can they trust you when you have provided no information?

So, start with the basics by making a complete profile and include a professional profile picture. You can also add your logo if it is a business page.

2.    Get Active

When you get a friend request, first you check if you know the person. If you don’t, you visit the profile to learn about him. When you visit the profile, you see the posts posted and shared by this person too. Depending on how active and what the person has shared, you decide on accepting the request or not.

Same applies to LinkedIn. When employers or prospects see you, they dig deep. In fact, they stalk your profile to see what you’re up to, and if you’re active or not. And that’s completely normal, basic human nature – wanting to know about a person and his activity before engaging with him.

This is why you have to be active and you have to be active with the right things. Share videos, pictures, articles relevant to your or your brand’s nature. Talk deeply about the controversial issues when necessary, because you want to engage yourself and people and stand behind your product or service – your thoughts as well.

Your posts and activities should direct to the one thing that you want. It can be the kind of job you want. It can be what your product or service is meant for. You have to constantly communicate what you believe in.

3.    Join Groups

When I say join groups, I only mean relevant ones. You will find people interested and needing the same thing in the group. Further, groups tend to have like-minded people. Sure, opinions might differ, but that is where you can thrive with your own. Because there will also be people sharing your opinions.

In these groups, your goal is to get noticed – positively. Don’t go and comment “Add me” under every post. Engage in something meaningful. Give your opinion on things, a debate in comments. And finally, if you find prospects who are worth it, connect with them.

A LinkedIn group is the best way to find prospects who can actually turn into customers. Because you are in the right place with the right people, delivering the right thing.

4.    Pay Attention To The ‘People similar” Section

If you’ve been on LinkedIn for a while, and you have already connected with your existing customers, there’s one more clever way to find and connect to new prospects. Visit the profile of your customer and check the “People also view” or “People like this” section on the right.

There, you will find similar people like your customers. The benefit? Similar people like your customers can also become your customers! So connect with them once you’ve stalked them for a while.

This emphasizes that it is necessary to connect with potential prospects / customers. You don’t just go around sending random requests.

5.    Use Keywords

If you’re aware of the blogging world, you know how important keywords are for SEO – they’re the sole dictator of you getting found.

But the ‘writer’ tag alone won’t help you stand out among millions.

You must use your keyword wherever you can properly. By proper, I mean intelligently blending the words in, without sticking out oddly. Even using the keyword too much can blow back on you. So use them keywords tactfully and right where you should. Both LinkedIn and people needing you will find you faster and help you connect better.

6.    Use LinkedIn Prospecting Features

The best part – LinkedIn knows how important it is for prospecting. As a result, it creates a fair competing ground for all. It gives you both free and premium tools to use for prospecting. The thing is – using these tools is more of a necessity than luxury if you want to survive among your competitors.

Unless you want to depend on your luck – which doesn’t always favor, you can use LinkedIn Sponsorships to promote your brand through advertisements.

7.    Find Influencers And Collaborate

When you’re procrastinating and scrolling through your newsfeed – influencers alone fill half of it, don’t they? You may not even like them, you may not even want what they sell, but you watch them anyways. Often because you have nothing better to do. This also happens to be the case with your prospects and customers.

So first, find influencers that serve your target market. If you’re targeting youths, find a young influencer who people can relate to. If you’re targeting mothers, find mom influencers.

People may not even know how they need help, what they’re struggling with and what may help them. It is the influencers who suddenly come out with that magic wand – casting a spell and making life happier. That magic wand could be your product or service.

A prospect may just watch an influencer use it for the first time and think:

“Well, I haven’t seen it before, should I give it a try?”

And then they’re in your profile, checking you out, and weighing the pros and cons. Once you have that consideration, it is all about providing value bombs until they become loyal customers.

Closing Thoughts

Linkedin is sure a very useful tool for finding prospects and turning them into customers. However, it is something that everyone- even a kid can use. Therefore, you have to level up your strategies, you need to do better.

In order to do better, the first thing you have to do is be better so that you can supply your prospects with what they really want. Secondly, you need to communicate it better. And, finally, you need to keep at it- communicating, holding on to what you achieve, and finally growing your network even more.

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