Embracing Change for Retention in Business

Change is a constant in business and embracing it is vital to retention. Ask yourself, is your goal retention or renewal? If you thought renewal we’d say what you’re trying to do is just get your customers to embrace the status quo, to just keep doing what they’ve already decided to do in the past. When you look at it from a 30 mile view it’d be doing the same thing they did before.

Believe in Change!

To grow, you need to do something different and get your clients and employees to embrace:

  • The idea of change
  • Doing something different helps growth!
  • Buying into something different isn’t a risk

Sure this is perceived as risky and if I’m going to do anything risky you better make a good business case for it. Risk is not a bad thing and people fear it, but there are GOOD risks to take. To often people generally stick with status quo, but how are you embracing change?

Customer & Employee improvement is all about change.

Building a business case and articulating that to your customers and employees is key. Build this into your process early and often and your culture will adapt and learn that change is a great thing! Changing their behavior in a way that’s going to improve their business and career is the key to growth and prosperity. Where would we be without change…

  1. We wouldn’t have a light bulb
  2. A country
  3. Technology
  4. No family
  5. And many more!

At Lead Engine embracing change is what we do every day. Typically, prospects don’t want our service initially, but when we sit down and talk we help our clients realize that in order to grow and continually improve and grow they must embrace this thinking! They must take a risk to grow their business.

A Powerful Lesson

Embracing this philosophy is a powerful lesson. Consistent with what we’ve found in the past, what’s so stark about it in this context is that for existing clients, while service and success can help drive growth, customer improvement is driven by implementing this thinking and not looking back! This will be foreign to you at first, but you’ll learn quick.

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