9 Proven Formulas to Improve Reply Rates

9 Proven Formulas to Improve Reply Rates

Don’t you get tired of the emails you receive from sites you subscribed to? They never seem to run out of words, and flood your inbox every second day. At times, it even gets annoying. That being said, how would you … Read More

Marketing Vs Sales Funnels

Marketing Vs Sales Funnels

If you’re studying business – marketing specifically – you can tell how confusing English literature can be. What does business have to do with English? The answer? Words. Similar looking words can refer to entirely different concepts in business and … Read More

How Facebook Uses Your Data And How To Benefit

How Facebook Uses Your Data And How To Benefit

Don’t you sometimes feel like an FBI agent is monitoring all your online activities? You may get the urge to eat something at midnight and search for the food and suddenly get an ad for a similar food on your … Read More

How to create a marketing funnel

How to Create a Marketing Funnel

Are you following all your marketing strategies right but not getting the desired results? Don’t you feel frustrated sitting there and wondering where exactly you went wrong? Why are the people visiting you not hitting the checkout buttons? The problem … Read More

Marketing funnel guide

A Marketing Funnels Guide For Beginners

Every online business needs a marketing funnel. When prospects visit your website, it’s not the same as when they visit a physical store. There are no clerks around to tell them about the company and its product offering. A marketing … Read More

How marketing funnels work

How marketing funnels actually work

The best way to imagine a marketing funnel is as your customer’s journey with your website. The funnel describes every stage of contact as they take an automated tour of your business and your product offering or service. Your funnel … Read More