Best Sales Funnels Software in 2020

In this day and age, there is no way around using internet to market your product or service. In fact, you may never beat your competition if Internet marketing isn’t on your list of strategies. However, your presence in the online world as a business is not enough to get you sales or the highest market share. You need to do more and you have to pay attention to sales funnels. But, since its technology you are using, you can utilize even more of it to improve.

You can use any of the sales funnels software available. However, not all of them are efficient and won’t turn out effective for your company. If you’re going to spend, you must spend wisely. Let’s first understand what a sales funnel is.

Best Sales Funnels Software in 2020

What’s A Sales Funnel?

Simply put – it’s a funnel of people. A great deal of people enter, who are just looking at you and your offerings. From there, you spark their interest and finally convert a few as customers. You must do proper activities for each level of the funnel. It is tough to convert the vast majority into a valuable minority. And, that’s where sales funnels software can help.

The Sales Funnels Software: Best of 2020

1.    GetResponse

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop software, GetResponse is just the thing. It helps you attract, interact and finally retain. Regardless of your level of the sales funnel, you will find something on GetResponse to help you.

It helps you with email marketing, webinars, automation building, and so forth. Further, it is very easy to set up and use. A few users can use it together if they buy it. That said, it is pretty expensive as well.

GetResponse always stays up to date, and provide you amazing looking landing pages and more that attract user attention. The only potential setback for you can be the price.

2.    ClickFunnels

Are you clueless about working on online sales funnels? Then, ClickFunnels would be your best pick. Apart from being built to do everything on own, you get a few choices and tutorials on how to squeeze the most out of it.

It even helps you choose the template of the landing page and the funnel you want to work on, while providing features that are suitable for that funnel. Even if you don’t know what to do on a certain level – ClickFunnels tells you.

Based on your service or business type, you can choose what you want ClickFunnels to do. You can even share your funnels.

Other than that, using it is super easy even when you know how to. It is more of a drag, drop and choose kind of software. It can also get expensive over time when you want more features.

3.    Quora 

This is one of my personal favorites. You may also love how Quora uses human psychology to find prospects. Quora is software, where people ask questions and others, can answer. Let’s say you are among the accounts that answer.

Now – talking about your product directly in random answers can be more of a negative approach than positive. But what you can do is – notice who is asking and what. If it’s relevant to you and his question implies he might need your product or service, you know what to do. Indirectly create awareness to the person asking about your business.

This is where you show your knowledge and cultivate a relationship with your prospects. But discussing the product or service will require more time. And if you fail to brand it properly, you may never gain what you are aiming for.

4.    Zipify

While this software attracts prospects, it also retains and helps interactions with existing customers. First, Zipify lets you choose the funnel you want it to work on. It can even mimic already existing successful funnels you created.

Second, it lets you create a strong base for people landing on your page. You can use this software to create stylish and user-friendly pages easily. Further, it will ask for the information you want – email or more.

Third, it sends customers emails and helps with up-sells and cross-sells. When a customer is viewing a product – Zipify will show them similar or relevant offers that can be used alongside the product. And that’s how it provides customers exactly what they want or what they might want. Thus, you get to retain the customers and also maintain a great relationship with them.  

Lastly, it also works with Google Analytics and more to provide you with reports and visitor behavior. Analyzing whatever you see, you can choose to improve at places where you are lagging behind.

Therefore, Zipify is also quite a complete package and the better features it offers are reasonably priced too. If you want good value for money, Zipify is something worth diving into.

5.    Kartra

If you want one software to deal with everything coming your way, Kartra is worth a shot. It caters to all the levels of sales funnel in the most basic way. You won’t even feel confused or lost.

You just need to buy Kartra and let it guide you. It starts sequentially with your landing page, email collection, video hosting, ticketing, automation, checkout, and so forth. You won’t have to worry about a single thing. The basic packages are very affordable as well.

The problem with Karta, however, is the lack of variety in its steps. Also, it lacks proper integration. As per the company, they are striving to improve.

6.    Wishpond

Are you looking for ease and appeal, all in one place? If so, Wishpond might just be your thing. It is a basic level marketing software helping you create attractive content. Also, it lets you be very responsive on social media.

If you host giveaways and interact with your followers a lot – then Wishpond is an easy road as it handles everything well.

Apart from helping you set a strong base, it helps you monitor your performance to some extent as well. Except that, it helps with email marketing as well when you’re already linked with other email providers.

7.    Hubspot

Perhaps you’re not into traditional businesses. Perhaps, you’re doing something entirely different. Whatever it is – Hubspot can help. It can deal with anything starting from traditional online business pages to SEO and content marketing.

The best part – you can try it for free at first, and you pay as you go while adding more features. Hubspot works like a great manager who can multitask and handle all media aspects. It also has attractive templates and you they aren’t at all difficult to use.

So, if you are running a business that doesn’t follow the rules – Hubspot can be your thing.

In conclusion

In all honestly, most sales funnel software do similar things. The difference is their design, style, and compatibility with the type of business you are in. You just need to determine your needs from such software for your particular business. Once you do, selecting becomes way easier. Make points and see if the software can meet them.

Out there, you can find many great and efficient software for sales funnels, but not all of them will suit you. So it is best to get laser-focused on your needs, instead of considering others’ opinions as gospel truth.

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