Best Sales Books For Training In Sales

You step into learning through books. And since pretty much everyone suggests embracing books for advancing in life (everyone successful) – you know it can have big rewards.

When you’re reading a book, you’re living and experiencing the life of the protagonist. That’s one of the best ways to learn before stepping into the real world and applying them.

From cold calls to cold emails – every strategy seems long-familiar.

Best Sales Books For Training In Sales

So today, let’s go over some books that have changed lives – and chances are, it will change yours too. You might just pin down that strategy or thought process that’s been causing failures. And the best thing about it? You only gain from reading and lose nothing. Even time lost on reading books is not lost – it’s time well-invested.

The Best Books for Sales Training: The Must-Reads

1.    How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

Everything starts from within and you have to believe it. And when you develop yourself from the inside – tasks on the outside get easier and more meaningful. Dale Carnegie teaches you exactly that in his book.

With this book, you’ll know how to stand out in social interactions. It goes in-depth on how to behave and think so you can become the best version of yourself – the version you’d embrace. This form of yours can attract people’s attention and make them trust you.

And all these are crucial for your sales plans to succeed. You can influence people by winning their admiration and trust. And this book teaches you how to do that from within – by actually wishing and caring for others as you sell.

2.    Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

When you’re on your way to success, it is super easy to lose your sense of direction. You may just suddenly enter the wrong path without even knowing. This is when you need guidance – even the best people out there do – from a person, from a tool, or even a book. And the best guidance comes from the best – people who’ve already conquered it.

Luckily, this book helps you with just that. The writer has compiled strategies of several successful people. He summed up everything into thirteen simple principles. So you will find it pretty easy to understand and learn from. You’ll also see what was done, where, when and why.

In fact, this book will help you sell better as well as deal with every other life aspect in a better way.

3.    The Psychology Of Selling – Brian Tracy

Who do you deal with when you are selling? People, of course. And it is crucial to understand people when you’re striving to be a great salesperson. That’s where the psychology of selling comes in.

Brian Tracy not only helps you understand your customers’ thought process, gives you techniques to deal with each as well. In fact, you’d know how to turn any situation in your favor when dealing with a prospect. The prospect might not even need what you’re selling but the way you sell can make him consider that, or something else on the list of things you’re selling.

And the best part? People have actually gone on to become successful with the help of this book! So make sure to give it a shot. Further, it is for everyone – an easy-to-read book with no complex words or jargons.

4.    Influence: Science and Practice – Robert B. Cialdini

Everything falls in system when you add science. As the name suggests, in this book – everything takes a systematic turn and explanation. Here, Robert explains six psychological traits that influence prospects. In fact, it teaches you to use these traits in your favor.

Apart from that, it helps you get exactly what you want by influencing people. You will use your knowledge to develop the skills and make people act the way you want. However, since you need to be ethical – you cannot blackmail or threaten them. This book teaches you to influence people without being unethical.

5.    The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need- Anthony Lannarino

You want someone with experience to guide you. In fact, you have seen in movies how tough coaches bring out the best of players. Anthony Lannarino is a writer who’ll guide you the same way.

You’d be able to explore all the areas of sales. Starting from yourself – how to build yourself, how to not fear sales methods like cold calling and slowly reaching to how customers think. With everything you find out about you and your customers- Lannarino also rewards you with methods to deal with your discoveries.

The name of the book is also on-point: “The only guide you will ever need”. It actually covers every aspect you should think of. Maybe not all of it with equal depth – but it does a lot.

6.   Words That Sell: More than 6000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas- Richard Bayan

In this day and age, writing your product and service descriptions is important for increasing sales. Be it a newspaper or a blog – words are mandatory to get sales. But slapping something together about your products or services isn’t enough. You want readers to get hooked on your words to read further.

This is what this book helps you achieve. It introduces you to words, phrases, and ways in which you can attract prospects. It teaches you to write better by considering the psychology of the prospects. What will attract them and how your service will benefit them – this book helps you write everything in an incredibly compelling way.

7.    Go-Giver- Bob Burg and John David Mann

At times, books can get very boring. If you’ve been facing this problem with most books, it is time you read Go-Giver. If you’ve noticed the changes in the business world, you know the same thought process doesn’t always work.

This book takes you on a completely different ride- a humane ride. You will enjoy reading this book and you will also feel surprised in some cases. The main theme of this book tells you how giving leads to receiving more. Your business shouldn’t only focus on gaining profit, rather, on what your customers gain.

There are many competitors and new entrants in the market. You’ve to stand so compellingly that your customers stay with you and your prospects become your customers. They should ignore the existence of your competitors altogether.

But having the best products and services isn’t enough, you have to have the best care. You have to keep caring about your customers and keep giving them. Only then, your make loyal customers, because you’re giving back.

In summary, this book instills this generous belief with interesting stories and methods you can use.

In Conclusion

You may have encountered difficult situations trying to increase your sales. Suddenly, you read something on sale and see it clearly explaining what happened with you earlier. And that’s the power of books. It tells you what you don’t and it sheds new light on what happens. However, the thing with the best sales books is that – it tells you what you can do.

When you’re lost, books can serve as the North Star. So spend your time on the best sales books and you’ll see results that last a lifetime.

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