3-Stage Sales Funnel Content Types

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If you are familiar with marketing, chances are, have come across various sales funnel strategies. It might’ve been your own company using them or some other company reaching you – but it is impossible not to have seen a sales funnels stage at some point. In the digital marketing era, sales funnels play an extremely important role. It is the bridge that links your digital marketing tactics to your sales lead generation.

If you place your marketing strategies properly in various sales funnels stages – you should see an uptick in your sales. Since you are creating something useful, people in this vast world will find the need to use it. All you have to do is find the right people and tell them about your product. At times, people need a push and that comes from the awareness phase – mainly through engagement.

Finally, you offer your prospect’s products they will buy and try to turn them from customers to ‘loyal’ customers.

Each stage has different content types for different purposes. Let’s find out what these are and how they help.

The Sales Funnel Stages: The Content Types

1. The Top of The Funnel

Your target audience at the top of the funnel is huge. Similar to the top of the
funnel, this stage in the sales funnel must have the highest reach. The more people you reach in this stage, the more prospects you will have, and you will turn more prospects into customers.

Therefore, the content in this stage should be geared towards creating awareness. In fact, the content can be light so that it reaches wide. Examples of content in this stage are:

Websites and Blogs

Currently, one of the greatest ways to reach people is through blogs and websites. You have to fill up your websites with attractive and interesting content. The content should be light at first and each of these light articles should lead to deeper articles and thoughts. People have to browse your website to gain insights..

And you can guess that the visitors who go to the second pages of your
website are prospects who are interested in what you sell and how you

Posters Or Just Images

Memes are trending right now and another great way to create awareness is by creating posters. In our case, you aren’t just creating a real poster, you’re creating a digital one as well. You must circulate the digital one in the online community. People pay more attention to images as they are concise. So, when you are advertising using an image, keep the message brief. Make it funny because people look for that on Facebook and other places. It will grab their attention well.

Facebook And Other Social Media Advertising

LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on are important social networks but Facebook still has the highest reach, thus, never underestimate it when drumming up awareness. Create a page or group of your business. Then use it for your advertisement – tell people about your business and what it stands for.

In this case, you must target your audience super well. And Facebook has tools for that too. Use them all so your ad reaches the right people. The ad will be successful in generating leads only when meaningful and actually incites the audience. So make it count. Influencers relevant to your business can play a huge role here. All you have to do is collaborate with them.

YouTube Videos

Creating snippy YouTube videos and documentaries will attract more prospects towards you. When prospects see your knowledge on the matter of their interests, they tend to buy more from you – basic content marketing. Further, most people now depend on YouTube for both fun and knowledge – so it is a great platform to create awareness.


You are already using photos, videos, articles. So why not books? They are a great way to create awareness at the top of the market stage. In fact, people download E-books and actually read them.

2. The Middle of the Funnel Content

Suppose you have created the awareness. People know you, now what? You cannot stop here because if you do, people will just consider you an online newspaper without a subscription. So you must make them do something. This demanding stage of the sales funnels in the middle of the funnel.

Here, asking the prospect for his/her information isn’t so irritating. You can ask for:

Email Address

Through an email, you get to know your prospect’s name. You can send customized messages about your business to the prospect. You can make a remarkable impact on the prospect through a cold email.

Phone Number

While most businesses ask for email address nowadays, phone numbers are also quite helpful. You can send customized texts and cold call the prospect. Through phone calls, you save time for both the customer and you. Further, most people are in a hurry to end phone calls – the answer tends to be positive. Once a prospect reads a certain length on your article or visited a deeper specific page, you can ask for his email address or phone number.

You should get the essence of the middle stage of the funnel content by now. It is where you make the idea about your business more permanent in the prospect’s mind. Before this stage, the prospect only noticed you, after this stage, he will know all about you and what he needs from you.

3. The Bottom of the Funnel Content

The previous stage had fewer prospects than the first. And the third phase has the lowest number of people in it. This is basically the work of a funnel – the output isn’t much but it’s quite significant.

At this stage, the customer is willing to buy your product, checking the various
options he has. He will choose and take one in his cart and then remove it to include another. This is exactly where you jump in with your content.

Here, your aim is to make the customer buy more. In this phase, you want your hard-earned customers to say. Thereby, you provide them exactly what they need.

Similar Products

When prospects are observing a product, you show them similar and better ones. That signals them your preference matters the most to you. And you’re planning to cater to their needs.

Complimentary Products

When a prospect is planning to buy a razor, suggest shaving cream to compliment their razor. Because although not properly complementary, a prospect tends to buy shaving cream alongside razors thinking they may need it.


Nothing fascinates prospects more than discounts. Who does not love the greater value, right? Thus, you can offer discounts and inform them about these whenever you want. That way, your customers keep coming back to you.


Now you have an idea of how the sales funnel happens. First, you gain the
audience, you find the audience who stay behind, and leave the most special
performance for the end- a customized one. It may dishearten you that not all the prospects from the top of the funnel are turning into customers. But, the key takeaway here is that those who really need you are crossing all the sales funnels levels to get to you. It is a two-way process.

You also know which stage requires what type of content. Make sure to position the content right. Someone only wanting to know something from your website leaves the website immediately after seeing the email request. So placing it at the right time and place is inevitable.

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