6 Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Strategies

6 Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Strategies

The intensity of competition nowadays has increased manifold. In fact, people could come up with unique ideas of attracting prospects before. But now, every idea is old, in fact, saturated and now people have to put new twists on those old ideas. Incorporating modern techniques to get an edge – makes sense, right? And that’s what people have taken interest into.

It is time you consider your LinkedIn prospecting seriously. Every other business out there has access to LinkedIn just like you. And your prospecting strategies are what will separate you. We will look at the six best LinkedIn prospecting strategies now. Let’s go.

6 Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Strategies

Six Best LinkedIn Prospecting Strategies

1.    Build Yourself Well

People have trust issues on the Internet. Even if they do, you rarely get involved unless it is incredibly attractive. And that’s how your prospects to see you – attractive. But the question remains – how?

When you get a friend request – the first thing you see is the profile picture, right? You subconsciously notice the name to see if it is familiar but it is usually the profile picture that attracts your attention. If you don’t know the person, you may consider the request based on the profile picture.

Similarly, when prospects find your profile, you need to strike them as attractive. But not only with your profile picture. Yes, your profile picture should have an excellent logo of your brand but there is more.

You have to prove your authenticity, unique and better than others

Complete your profile with all the information necessary – things like your shop address and so forth. Also, remember that LinkedIn values completed profiles more. How? You will be more visible to people searching for you someone along your line of works.

2.    Look For Your Prospects And Connect With Them

Your prospects may look for you and also find you when they need you – but it is best if you show up first. Because otherwise, they will find someone else approaching them. You have to laser-target your prospects because if you don’t get the targeting right – you will never see sales.

Because your targeted population won’t even need the product or service in the form you supply them with. Except that, you must search for your prospects properly.

Considering you already have a few loyal customers, you can find prospects through your customer’s profiles. If you visit the customer’s profiles, you will find the “People Also Viewed” option in a corner and see similar profiles there.

Even though human judgment may be wrong, technology with its logic and formulas aren’t usually. These people you may view are actually very similar to your customers and also have similar needs. So, add them up and stalk them, for the sake of research, if not anything.

This way your prospects will have you by their side even before they need you. And they will know exactly where to go when the need arises — YOU.

3.    Create The Best Content – Being Active

The word ‘best’ is pretty relative here but you can always try to be the best. Even if you make the most appealing profile out there – it won’t take you far if empty. You must let people know you exist. More importantly, you need to let LinkedIn know that you exist. Because with a loyal, active user, LinkedIn will prioritize you.

You can also earn space in the prospect’s mind if you remain active. There are many brands linked together with prospects on Instagram, but only a few are memorable to their prospects. And, that’s what you should aim for – be memorable and noticeable.

Simply adding the prospects won’t get you business. You must be relevant and tell them about your line of work.

When people feel emotionally relevant – you get the best results. You are engraved in their minds. For example, if you run a babysitting service online – you can bring up things that mothers struggle with. Alone time, multitasking, and so forth. You should make the prospect feel heard and understood.

You must go beyond selling and develop a bond with your prospects. That said, people won’t direct message you to compliment. That’s why you have to connect with them through your daily posts.

Choose a specific hour for posting when the response rate will be high. Choose topics relevant to your service or product but also relevant to the customer. You will reach the sales that you had never expected before.

4.    Join Groups

From time unknown, people have been discussing and hanging out in similar groups. While these small-in-number groups used to be face to face communities, now they are abundant across the Internet. And utilizing them is essential for business.

However, the challenge here is to find a relevant group with active, genuine members. Once you find that, you have to join the group discussions. Here you won’t only get a broader view of your product and service but meet prospects also. Further, your prospects will notice you only when you actively participate.

For example, if you are selling babysitting services, you should join groups comprising new mothers or working parents with toddlers. When you comment or participate, someone in need will notice you and at least follow you up if they don’t directly ask for your service. So the takeaway – join groups and stay active.

5.    Collaborate With Influencers

You may have lots of followers and friends, but not all of them are prospects. An influencer has a lot of followers and among whom many are your prospects. Therefore, you need to reach those prospects and you have to use the influencer to do so.

Find the influencer with very similar lifestyles to yours. When an influencer – who is viewed, known or followed by many uses something or talks about something – the service gets a ton of eyeballs. That’s exactly how it is on social media – all of us procrastinate and check out things we don’t need. And that’s where you step in – filling their boredom. So does the influencer.

6.    Use LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Tools

You can find prospects on LinkedIn in many creative ways. While you do so, why not use the prospecting facilities provided by LinkedIn itself ? LinkedIn has a set of tools you can use to make prospecting easy and welcoming them easier.

For example, real-time sales updates, lead recommendations, TeamLink, InMail, CRM widget, and so forth are tools provided by LinkedIn to make your prospecting easier. Some might even be paid but the more effort you put in, the better service you get. Moreover, consider sponsoring your ads, and when you do, make sure to reach the right audience. And that’s something LinkedIn helps you with itself – using the data you already have.

In Conclusion

The world has grown very small and reachable thanks to the massive technology advancements. That being said, everyone can reach everyone easily – so your degree of advantage as fallen. So while it is easy to reach people, it is hard to be remarkable to people. But if you get that branding right, you’re well on your way. The six tips we talked about for LinkedIn prospecting cover pretty much everything you have to do to pin down prospects on LinkedIn. Do them right and be consistent, and you won’t have to look back.

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