7 Ways For Eliminating Fear of Rejection

How to eliminate fear of cold calling

Cold calling is one of the toughest tasks salespeople have to do. When it comes to cold emails, you can simply send the email, and if the rejection comes – it doesn’t have the same impact as real life hang-up. Plus, people often tend to read emails, or at least go through them once. But with cold calls – there’s no escape for you. If they reject it – they hang up or give excuses to reject, and at times, they don’t even care to give excuses.

Cold calling is fearful – and why won’t it be? Let’s say you’re not a salesperson. You’re a normal person who has always called people he knows. From there, think about having to call strangers all of a sudden, that too with the purpose of making them do something. Scary, right? At first, yes. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Let’s figure out the best ways of eliminating the fear of rejection regarding cold calls.

How to eliminate fear of cold calling

The Fear: Why Is It there In The First Place?

We can only eliminate the fear if we know what is causing it. Here are a few factors that strike fear when you start dialing:

Lack of Confidence: The number one reason behind fear is the lack of confidence in the process. Perhaps, you’ve come across horrible cold calls yourself and realized right away you don’t want to keep listening – giving you the impression that all cold calls are pointless. So, when you’re asked to start dialing – you just don’t believe it to be worth it. Thus, you’re more concerned with going through it than accomplishing something out of it.

The Mental Prediction: You might already think the prospect won’t be interested. Even before you’ve heard from them, you’re drawing negative conclusion. For good reasons, right? I mean, who listens to strangers on call anyways? This belief makes cold calling very intimidating and serves as a great hurdle altogether.

The Fear of Messing Up: When cold calling, you can’t afford to hide or waste time. Your prospect is waiting with the phone pressed to their ears to hear words they aren’t even sure they’d like. Knowing this can be daunting and you might forget why you called in the first place, and worse, end up stuttering. The cycle of prospects getting irritated and hanging up on you never seems to stop.

The Actual Fear of Rejection: Nobody likes rejection. And, in cold calls, rejections are bound to happen. You can only say so much to get the prospect interested. He / she might just slap you with “I am busy” or simply hang up. Humiliating, right?

If this continues to happen, you may end up losing your job. Plus, you might even lose self-confidence – your spark. You couldn’t do your job properly, which shatters your confidence, and transforms in fear.

Ways to Overcome It All

1.    Gain your Confidence

In order to get confident on something, you must be have knowledge and experience about it. But if you aren’t well aware of what you’re selling, you won’t feel confident selling it. Find out what benefits the product or service you’re preaching gives the customers.

Dig deep into how and when it helps. First, you must believe in the product or service to make others trust it. You can also ask your existing customers how the solution bettered their lives. Ask for the negatives as well to pinpoint where you’re going wrong.

When you know what your product or service can do – you automatically start selling it better.

2.    Believe In Cold Calls

Cold calling can sure seem an aggressive approach. Who on Earth listens to random strangers calling, right? Wrong. If cold calls didn’t bring results, people won’t be investing thousands of dollars hiring cold calling salespeople. In fact, these calls are so powerful, they even compel people to setting up meetings from there.

The reason? Because the prospects are laser-focused. If the company has selected cold calling to approach prospects, chances are, the approach actually clicks. The Millennial tend to respond more over social media sites. However, certain groups consider phone calls more important and efficient.

So take a peek at the number of successes in cold calling campaigns. You might find 3-4 clicking out of every 20, but it certainly won’t be 0. This is certain to make you believe in cold calls.

3.    Aim for Failure

Rejection can be humiliating. But once you get enough of it – it isn’t humiliating anymore. So if you fear rejection – aim to get rejected and see how it feels, what you lose. Find different creative ways to be rejected. Go slow, stutter, forget your point, and so forth. Make it funny if necessary but don’t be rude.

You’ll start realizing that rejection isn’t that bad – it can be negative, but not as destructive as you figured. Rejections are prevalent in cold calls, and you must brush it off your shoulders. Grow a thick skin and you can stomp your fears to dust.

However, don’t call serious prospects when you’re aiming for rejection. Instead, go for people who tend to reject anyways.

4. Use A Great Speech

When cold calling, you need to grab the listener’s attention from the very beginning. So you must offer a pitch good enough to keep them glued. Make the call more about them, their needs, and desires, benefits, benefits of benefits, instead of spotlighting your products or services.

If you successfully pinpoint their problems, chances are, they will feel prioritized, thereby flattered because you’re solely trying to help them out. So, you are both on the same team now.

 You can also simply read out your script to prospects without them know – one of the few advantages for cold callers. So, keep the script near your hand and you’ll feel fine. Messing up will get harder.

5. Keep Practicing

You can overcome your fears only by practicing. Start with the less important prospects and by the time you reach the very important ones – your speech will be flowing. And since you’re so well-versed in that, you won’t be intimidated anymore.

6. Don’t Make It Personal

Cold calling is just a part of your job. In fact, the prospects who reject you will reject other salespeople as well. So, it is not just you. Cold call rejections don’t necessarily mean you’re incompetent. It just means the prospect had no intention to buy, or this method isn’t right for them.

If you get hurt and make it personal you will fail even more because you will fear to fail. Therefore, accept the rejection with a smile, joke with others after hanging up to make it light. Then, move on to your next call and start fresh.

7. Analyze The Situation

When you face rejection, you can either learn from it or run from it. Choose the former. You can always update your company about the loopholes the products contain.

Also, note down at which point of the call, the prospects reject the offer. It could be something you are saying. Once you trace that down, work on improving that part. Sure, you might not skyrocket your sales at once, but you will see increases with every trial and error.


Cold calling is tough and it gets tougher with fear of rejection shadowing you. However, that fear stems from certain causes, and if you take care of those certain causes, you can overcome all the crippling guesses. Sure, it’s not going to be easy, you’ll have to throw yourself out there a number of times. But in the end, the silver lining will outshine everything.

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