12 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales

- 12 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales -

Your product or service may be perfect, your employees are doing their best – but nothing seems to increase your sales.

Either people aren’t aware of your product or hit the back button after they see it. Here, how you are marketing your product is probably the issue. People buy things that they don’t even need – all because how it is sold to them. So landing customers with your marketing and sales charms is your way to go. And nothing rings unfair in that pursuit – not even cold calling.

- 12 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales -

We’ve compiled a number of strategies to help you increase sales. You may look at them and think you should’ve done that before. Some of them are so simple, you’d be amazed how easily you can implement them.

Let’s get to know them!

12 Proven Strategies

1.  Know Your Customers

If your product or service is flawless, what’s stopping your sales from skyrocketing? The answer? Your market probably doesn’t need it or you’re not communicating well what your product can do for them. In order to communicate and resonate, you need pinpoint their needs.

Ask yourself – who are your customers? The answer? People who’d find it useful. Where to they reside or hang out? Find that market to find people who will actually buy from you. After that, try to classify them by learning more about them – the demographics, habits, culture, and so forth.

All this will help you understand how to offer your products to them.

2.  Know Your Product / Service Clearly

People are selfish. They buy things only if it can help them. Find out what your product / service does best and list the uses and benefits. It could solve a problem or just add beauty. Whichever it is – find out what it can do best and make that your key selling point.

Highlight some activities your product can do and keep them at the beginning of the list. Also let your customers know what other things your product can.

3. Communicate The Value

You and your potential customer both may know what the product is for. But, knowing isn’t enough for prospects to actually buy. Therefore, you need to communicate the value – what the product offers best to your customer and what it will cost him.

You have to do it in a convincing yet passive way with your advertisement and marketing strategies. Highlight the benefits in so the product takes up a whole new place in the mind of the people. This is basically called brand positioning. If you do it right – there’s no looking back.

4. Build Awareness at the Right Place

Perhaps, you, your product/service, and ads are completely understandable from your end. However, all the right things may not be reaching the right people. This is why you need to choose your marketing medium very carefully. Choose the media that best caters to your target customers.

For example, you can expect the old generation more available through television or newspaper. If you’re targeting them, then use similar media to get to them. On the other hand, most Millennials and even middle-aged people are connected to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media. So, if you’re targeting them, you know where to find them.

With social media being so available and free – the marketing cost will be reduced as well. You don’t have to spend a lot to increase sales – you just have to spend right.

5.  Use Social Media

This time, you’ll be using social media not just for reaching your target audience but for gathering information. In fact, your target audience will be posting about their needs and views a lot on this media. What you have to do is interpret and forecast. What might they need in the future? What modifications can you introduce to your existing products? Social media can easily help you answer these questions. You can even conduct a free survey on it.

Use it as a research platform.

6.  Cold Calling In The Best Possible Way

Yes, cold calling doesn’t always work – the receiver hangs up even before you can utter your brand name. However, not all of them. The few you reach out to – may even go to their friend to talk about the call they got. So, you’re generating word of mouth at least.

Other than that, it is not really fruitless. If you follow the successful cold calling strategies, you’ll most definitely end up in a meeting with the right person.  

Lastly, it also helps you grow a bit of a thick skin. Rejection is common when you’re new to the marketing business – you have to get used to it. Once you do – success begins to unfold.

7. Join Relevant Groups

Online or real-life groups, both help you big time. If you’re selling child wear – you can join groups where parents sitting in the waiting room of schools. Again, if you are selling customized t-shirts – you can join youth groups online which are flooded with enthusiasts in many fields.

When you join groups – you don’t just get one customer but a bulk of them. If you do it right – the sales you get from these groups are pretty worth the effort.

8. Hold On To Customers

When a person buys something from you – make sure you keep his information. You’re not supposed to let any customer go. Always keep in touch. Communicate with them when similar yet better products are in stock. Tell them when you think there is something they will like.

Apart from that, discounts and gifts to loyal customers make them even more loyal. Sometimes, it becomes a habit. They start calculating their budget on the basis of the discount they know they’d receive. So try and become a part of their lifestyle.

9. Automate A Number of Steps

It’s not always possible to reach many if you do everything manually. That’s why it is necessary to use technology – it is already there offering help. Automate all your processes. Send customers text messages on special days with the offers available with just one click.

10. Reward Referrals

When you ask a friend to download Uber and he provides Uber with your name reference – Uber gives you a discount. And we all know how successful Uber is as a company. This is exactly what you should do.

Many marketing strategies will turn into dust at some point – but word of mouth never will. Therefore, reward those with free gifts, discounts, or anything you wish to as they’re doing your marketing for you. Generating word of mouth is an important step and when customers do it for you – they deserve your best.

11. Listen and Respond

You have to reach your customers and let them reach you as well. In fact, there can be problems that customers face and the changes that they need. If they offer feedback – they’re doing you a favor. Receive the complaints on a positive note and focus on developing your product.

The key to succeeding when your sales are increasing is to adapt to changes. So make sure you listen to what your customers have to say and let them know that you care about their experience.

12. Compete With Who Competes

Your strategies, products, and everything else may just be perfect but your sales are still not increasing. Then, the reason may be some external force like a competitor. The people may be getting more value from your customer’s products than yours.

If you offer high quality for a higher price – tell that to your customers. Specify how you’re better than your competitors. On the other hand, if you can lower your price to gain more sales without losing profit, do it.

It is crucial to consider the other player in the market while you’re at it.

In Conclusion

Marketing is not just about forcing people to listen to your bragging – it’s mostly about positioning yourself and convincing the people. It is very tough to find the right balance and fusion of strategies when marketing to increase sales. But, once you find the right ones – you are well on your way. However, it will take time and patience – it really won’t happen overnight. Keep it consistent and you will keep rising.

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