9 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Work

9 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Work

When thinking of LinkedIn, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Professional? Business? Links? Well, all of these words are very relevant to LinkedIn.

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is a social platform. The only difference – it solely targets people with business interests. And that’s where LinkedIn prospecting comes in. It’s a platform for businesses to find potential customers and customers to find the right business for them.

9 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Work

LinkedIn contains many features that make this task pretty easy. However, you have to know it and also do it right. Otherwise, all your efforts – even paid ones may prove useless. Here, we’ll discuss nine LinkedIn marketing tips that’ll work in your favor. Let’s go. 

1.  Build A Strong Profile

You want a good image in your potential customers’ minds. How do you build that? By creating something that’s consistent with your target image, of course.

Try to make your company’s LinkedIn profile as strong as you can. Include an image that represents your company, and never ignore this part. Choose a well-crafted image that matching your company.

Also, write a short, yet powerful Meta description. This description should describe your company perfectly and stimulate the visitor’s interest.

Because when something on the newsfeed interests you, you click on the profile to see if you find similar things on it. Let your profile speak for your company itself.

2.  Create Interesting Content

An inactive, uninformative LinkedIn profile is equal to having none. You want your profile active and you want people reading your profile posts. That being said, first, there needs to be a reason for the audience to hang around you.

So focus on creating content that actually attracts and matters. The content should be relevant to your business type. You can also touch upon current affairs and your company’s opinion on them. This adds a kind of personal touch to your profiles. You can try maintaining a theme as well, for example, making serious topics look funny.

Except from what you post, take care of how you post it. Use every feature LinkedIn allows you. Post pictures, write articles and post videos when you can. It doesn’t need to be completely professional. But it needs to be informative or entertaining at the very least. The more people like your content, the better your content reach will be.

3. Search for Prospects

LinkedIn eases up the prospecting process. However, you can’t just sit and have it delivered on a silver platter. In fact, you need to find and scrape them manually. You can’t expect LinkedIn to deliver similar people who may need your help.

Try searching for individuals and even companies yourself. Hit the search bar and search by entering the location, company, and many more filters. This beautifully narrows down your target audience to prospects. Not everyone you find will be a customer but you get to choose who you can connect with.

You can find people right around you, working on the services and products you provide. So take the first step and search. Don’t wait for your customers to come ask, walk to them yourself. People find it wonderful when their needs come on a silver platter.

4. Don’t Forget To Use Keywords

Today’s world simply loves data and considers it very valuable. So make sure to provide valuable data that can attract potential customers who have relevant data. For example – when you search something online, or check out something at Amazon, that product follows you everywhere online, doesn’t it? It pops up as an advertisement, or you get relevant articles.

That’s the web using your data to deliver tailored stuff. They send you what you’re looking for. Similarly, if you use keywords very relevant to your business, people searching for your offer can easily find you.

When using keywords, you need to be careful. Don’t overuse it and don’t use the wrong and generic ones. Specify it, and use it effectively. Google can detect too many keywords on one page and marks it a negative practice.

So choose the right ones and use them in the best possible way.

5. Join Groups And Be Active

Look for groups relevant to the industry you serve or your genre, and you’ll be amazed. LinkedIn makes it super easy for you. It shows the type of topics people in a group discuss about. It also signals how active the group is.

Once you’ve checked out the group, you can choose to join it. After you join, start participating in discussions. Start a discussion by posting on a topic. Doing these will expose you to the right kind of people.

In fact, the prospects will contact you themselves to take things further. Because, everything starts with words, doesn’t it? You tell the group about your thoughts and ways and a few members of the group get interested. Among the interested few, some become actual customers.

If you don’t like or find a group similar to yours, create one yourself. First, add members you know and let them add others. Focus solely on keeping the group very active. Only then it will expand into something substantial.

6. Get Your Company Known

Your company must be well-categorized to be available to the prospects. When you first sign up on LinkedIn, you’re asked to choose sectors, types, and much more. Select these factors very wisely because these introduce you or work as an address for you in the LinkedIn community.

Once you choose the right categories, and people search for these categories – you show up. LinkedIn gives notifications for “Your profile appeared in ‘Number’ search engines”. And you want your company profile to arrive on search engines like that.

And it happens only if it’s categorized right and the profile is boosted. Be active so LinkedIn knows it’s not directing customers to a dead end.

The key is to be relevant, to be involved with relevant stuff, and be available to the relevant prospects.

7. Use Sponsored Services

People tend to help a lot if there’s something in it for them. So when you pay LinkedIn for exposure – it gives you plenty. In fact, LinkedIn keeps offering a number of interesting features and updates that keep making advertising easier.

You can try the Pay Per Click feature which you have to pay for when the clicks on your advertised content cross a certain number. Moreover, using the LinkedIn data, you can pay to get your contents advertised directly to your prospects.

The sheer benefits start pouring in when you start spending money. LinkedIn is useful and investing on the sponsored updates doesn’t go to waste, rather, leads to more exposure, thereby, more prospects and customers.

So, sponsored updates are a must- now focus on what you want to spread.

8. Use InMail And Paid Sales Solutions

LinkedIn is well aware why companies and individuals use it. As a result, there are a ton of features that help you connect with the right ones and also use the connections in the best way possible to build profitable relationships. The InMail features help you connect with customers on a more personal level.

With InMail, you can find suitable prospects and contact them without being irritating. The ones using InMail also tend to need your offerings. Thus, you get a faster and more effective response compared to other mailing services.

What’s more, sales solution a LinkedIn feature for companies looking to increase sales by finding target customers. So, make full use of these features to get the best results.

9. Get Your Own Custom URL on Linkedin

People can be searching from anywhere. If your LinkedIn URL contains your company’s name – people can find you and also trust you easily. When prospects are in the process of becoming customers – they research you.

A URL with your company’s name makes it easier to find you elsewhere. It also helps you land among the first results when prospects search. And, it’s no mystery that search engine optimization is essential.

People rarely go down the list when searching. So, if you are at the top – you have more chances of getting chosen.

In Conclusion

Everybody has access to the same basic features on LinkedIn. If you want to get the best out of these features – you need to be steps ahead. And that comes in exchange of content, payment, and strategies. So choose your content carefully and use the features right. Your LinkedIn prospecting will flourish like never before with these amazing tactics.

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