How to Personalize Automated Emails

How to Personalize Automated Emails

Are you winning the battle for attention with your cold emails campaign? The chances are, there’s room for improvement. It’s challenging enough trying to convert warm prospects, and the thought of cold emailing people seems like a waste of time to many digital marketers.

How to Personalize Automated Emails

However, cold emailing remains as one of the best ways to canvas for new prospects. Fortunately, there are a host of automated tools that help you manage your campaigns, taking the stress out of the situation.

Finding email addresses and sending email campaigns is now a breeze for most digital marketers. However, building your brand in the eyes of the prospect is a far more challenging task. Overcoming the skepticism and fatigue of your prospects is more challenging than ever before.

The key to successful email marketing is to personalize your emails. Think about it for a second. If someone sends you a cold email, are you more likely to open and read it if it’s addressed to you personally?

Personalizing your emails improves your response rate, and enhances your credibility in your customer’s mind. Here’s a brief guide to everything you need to know about personalizing your automated email campaigns.

Why It’s Critical to be Unique

According to studies, the average person receives around 50-cold emails every day. That’s plenty of spam filling your inbox.

As a result, people are getting more efficient with spam filters, and the chances of your email, making it to your prospects inbox are slim. By personalizing your emails, you can get around many spam filters, reaching your prospects inbox, where they’ll hopefully open your message.

Learning how to write intriguing titles to your emails is a beneficial skill, but it’s no use if no-one ever reads your emails. By adding your prospects name to the email, it enhances your rapport, increasing the chances of the prospect opening your email and reading it.

Personalizing the email also makes your prospect pay better attention to the content they receive. An annoying stock email sent out to millions is easy to spot, and that’s going in the spam folder for sure. An email addressed to the person individually, catches their attention, and piques their interest in reading.

The Four Pillars of Getting Attention with Your Emails

Think about the last time you received a cold email. The chances are it read something like this;

“Hi, [firstNameHere] did you realize that [business or brand name] can assist you with getting more clients thanks to [xyz] and [xyz].”

Are you bored stiff yet?

Instead of relying on this cookie-cutter approach, use the following four tips when creating your automated email campaign.

Keep it short and straightforward – Make sure you address the prospect’s problem directly and quickly.

Personalize the email with their first name – By addressing them directly, you capture attention.

Demonstrate your value-add proposition – Let your prospect know you have something they need. You don’t need a lengthy company history and heaps of testimonials. Skip the overdone sales pitch.

Look to identify pain points – How can your offering resolve the prospects issue?

The Primary Aim of Cold Emailing

Before we start unleashing the personalization strategy, let’s take a look at how we can improve the basics first. The primary goal of all email marketing – is to generate a response. It’s a way to open a relationship with the prospect, and you want to remember to avoid presenting them with too much information.

The idea is to present a piece of content that qualifies the prospect and pushes them into taking action needed to sign up for your marketing funnel. The last thing you want to try and do in a cold email – is to close the deal. This stage of the process is not for that tactic.

Being too pushy with your conversion request, without first presenting any value, is a foolhardy strategy. This strategy is indeed the closest thing to spamming people that you can do with email marketing. Your introductory email should contain a CTA. However, you need to think of it as opening the door and welcoming someone into your home.

Your CTA could include a content download, a video-conference invite, a webinar code, or a product demo. The point is that you’re not trying to close at this stage of the sales process. You’re trying to build rapport and reputation with the prospect, not hammer them into a core product offering right away.

Tips for Getting Replies to Your Cold Emails

Making an impact with your email communications is the best way to receive a response. By now, most consumers are aware of the old first-name trick used by campaign management software. However, there are other methods you can use to personalize the experience for the prospect.

In a survey, companies stated that the use of personalization in email campaigns improved repose rates by as much as 20-percent.

Personalize Your Cold Emails Using Software Tools

There are plenty of fantastic software tools available to help you personalize your email campaigns. These tools keep all your data and stats accessible in a central place. Some of the software even release free template designs each week to help you keep your outreach efforts looking fresh.

By using automated software, you take the hassle out of distributing your content and following up on your list. However, that doesn’t mean that you can slack on the content. Now that you have more time, you can put it into tweaking your ongoing campaigns with personalization.

Remember to test different strategies and tweak your approach as you go along your journey. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you notice significant increases in your response rates.

Boost Your Cold Email Efforts with Personalized Images

Using custom lead images is a time-consuming process when you’re dealing with an email list with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. However, there are online personalization tools for your cold email campaigns that automate the process.

The software also allows you to auto-generate company logos, as well as first-names, screenshots, and plenty of other unique features. By implementing these personalization tools in your campaigns, your response rates will sky-rocket, and by managing and tweaking your results, you’ll eventually taste success.

Wrapping Up – Personalization is the Key to Attention

By personalizing your email campaigns, you’ll increase your lead generation and conversion rates. People like a personal touch.

Think about it like this. If your standing in a crowd and someone calls your name, do you turn around and look for them? The chances are they weren’t even calling you individually, but it still piques your interest.

Stand out from the crowd in a busy online world, personalize your cold email campaign right now.

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