Top 10 Cold Emailing Tools

Top 10 Cold Emailing Tools

Cold emailing is tough enough as it is, and doing everything manually becomes monotonous and tiring. It’s time to break free from the busy-work and free up some time to do more useful tasks.

There are probably hundreds of tools floating around out there on the world wide web, and filtering the good from the bad is a full-time job in and of itself. Luckily, people like us exist to do the dirty work for you. All you have to do is read through this article and pick the one that best matches your needs.

Top 10 Cold Emailing Tools


Milkshake is beloved by thousands of marketers for its simple interface and hand-holding approach through the setup process. It requires a Google account to function and connects with it seamlessly.

To begin, just upload your email list in CSV format to load everything into Mailshake. It includes a host of prewritten templates that you can customize to fit your goals and branding.

After scheduling your primary campaign to begin on your desired date and time, you can set how you would like to follow up with your leads. Choose between set intervals, drip-feeding, or when an action, such as clicking a link, is taken.


GMass is a Chrome extension, so you’ll need to use that specific browser to utilize this software. It connects effortlessly with your Gmail account once installed.

As with Mailshake, export your email list from wherever it’s currently stored into a spreadsheet. GMass works with Google Sheets for even more compatibility. You can then build your campaigns directly within your Gmail account. No need to sign into extra services.

Schedule follow-ups and have them stop when you receive a reply and view detailed data in regards to your opens and clicks.

Hubbion Email Finder

You won’t find a simpler too than Hubbion Email Finder. It serves one purpose and one purpose only – finding the email of a specific person on a particular domain.

You need to know the person’s full name and website name to use this tool correctly. Let’s say you want the email of John Smith at example.com. Punch in that info, and if Hubbio email finds anything, it will let you know. Things like john@example.com or j.smith@example.com will all be detected.

It’s a slow process but a great way to find contact info for highly targeted prospects. The service will not work for domains with catch-all emails.


One of Prospect.io’s most exciting features is disappointingly not included in the regular subscription cost. It offers a Chrome extension that allows you to instantly find emails associated with the website you’re currently visiting. Using this feature requires the purchase of credits which reduce each time you use it. You do get 50 free credits for signing up so you can at least test it out before spending extra money.

Prospect.io also includes a fully functional campaign manager for scheduling campaigns, following up, and tracking interactions. The built-in email verifier helps keep undeliverable mails down and improves your open rate.


Snov.io doesn’t lock any features for the cheaper plans; it just allows you to do greater volumes as you move up. Each pricing plan provides you with a certain number of credits which are used up by performing actions.

Snov.io is a Chrome extension and combines email finding with campaign assistance. Search any domain for contact emails or go directly to LinkedIn to find a goldmine of prospect emails. Easily verify all of your emails within the same extension.

Snov.io’s customer service is among top in the industry. Responsive live chat means you get answers right away, and the knowledge base section has most of your questions already answered.


Datajar is an advanced email finder that has its own database of over 35 million prospects. Search this database by job title, location, various categories, and more. You’ll instantly receive a list of prospects matching your filters.

The bulk email finder allows you to add a spreadsheet full of names and domains for fast searching and get fed a list of emails that the program finds.

A LinkedIn email finder is included as well, making the extraction of contact info as easy as clicking a button.

Art of Emails

Art of Emails focuses on the content of the emails themselves, and not how to find, deliver, or track. The free plan gives you access to over 60 email templates that have been carefully constructed and proven to get results.

The VIP program, also known as Art of Sales, is a start to finish system specifically designed to teach you the art of cold emailing and closing deals. Your membership is good for life, including any future updates.

Woodpecker – Very good for cold emailing

Woodpecker is another full-featured campaign manager allowing you to schedule initial campaigns and follow-ups. It enables you to send unlimited emails and will integrate with Gmail, Outlook, or any IMAP email service.

To help protect you from automatic spam detectors, Woodpecker can send cold emails in a way that looks like a human is doing it. It sends emails at random intervals instead of all at once to look more natural. Automated follow-ups and analytics are present here as well.


You can begin using Leadpro with just a Gmail account and a list of emails you like to contact. Send bulk emails and choose from pre-existing templates. Edit the template for each recipient if you need to, and add necessary variables to personalize your emails automatically.

Leadpro’s features are quite limited for the time being, but for some of you, this will be all you need. It helps save time and also shows you who opened your email.


Hunter.io is another email finder, and a powerful one. Easily search entire domains and any available results will be displayed to you. You don’t even need to know anyon’s name. If you do happen to know the name of the person you want to contact, you can add that to your search.

You’re entitled to 50 free actions per month on the free plan, and up to 50,000 on the max plan. Put your mind at ease knowing your credits will not be used if your search produces no results.

Final Words

Now that you see what all of these cold emailing tools can really do for you, why would you ever want to do everything manually again? Building lists and sending bulk emails with just a few clicks used to be something only seen in movies.

Even if you need the most expensive options to fulfill your cold emailing needs, the cost savings will be exponentially higher than the price of the software. Use your employees’ or your own time more wisely and let the tools take care of all the boring work.

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