Top 8 Paid and Free Tools for Recording Yourself

8 tools for recording yourself

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Video recording has become much more critical in the business world over the last several years. So much so that it’s now almost expected if you want to present yourself professionally. It’s the quickest way for someone to get an understanding of who you are and what you do.

It used to be very expensive to create video, requiring high-end equipment and advanced editing skills. With the advancement of technology, it’s never been easier to record yourself and get your message out there in a way that’s sure to draw attention.

All you need to begin is a computer and a webcam. The rest can be done with the help of software. There are countless software options available, both free and paid, and we’ll go over a few of our favorites with you now.

8 tools for recording yourself

Vidyard – Several Plans Ranging from Free to $899 per Month

Vidyard is a complete video solution for every different skill level and feature requirement. From sales and marketing to customer support and business communications, Vidyard has a plan for you.

With a free account, you can create videos by recording your webcam or your computer screen. Upload as many videos as you want and share to your heart’s content. If you need to embed your videos directly on your website, you’re limited to five with the free plan.

If you’re looking for more customization and creative control, you have a choice of which part of your business you’d like to focus on. Sales or marketing will be just fine for everyone but the largest of companies. Each category contains a unique set of pricing plans, but both provide starter plans at $19/mth.

Vidyard is entirely business focussed and has options for seamless integration into your current campaigns. You can add custom lead generation forms or calls to action directly in the video itself. Viewing analytics and personalizing your video to your viewers, along with everything else we have and haven’t mentioned, gives you an edge that most other programs fail to provide.

Camtasia – $249.00

Camtasia comes with what many might see as a hefty price tag, but it will pay for itself in no time if you plan to record and edit video regularly. For video prospecting, Camtasia includes everything you could possibly need to create beautiful videos that look like they cost a fortune to produce.

It offers a 30-day free trial if you want to test it out before opting to purchase the full version. All of the features will be fully functional, but any video created in free trial mode will be watermarked with the Camtasia brand. Still, it’s an excellent way to see what the software is all about.

Camtasia goes a step beyond simple recording and editing. You can add interactive elements right in the video itself. If you need to create training videos, for example, it allows you to insert a quiz and collect results from all of the participants.

Upload completed videos to Youtube, Google Drive, Vimeo, and Screencast directly from the software. If you have the cash, Camtasia is our number one recommendation in terms of features.

Soapbox by Wistia – Free or $300 per Year

Soapbox offers two main pricing tiers depending on what you need to accomplish. The free plan lets you create as many videos as you want as long as you’re ok with lining to them on the Wistia site and don’t mind not being able to download them.

You’re able to transition smoothly from webcam recording to screen recording. Customize your video player color, choose a thumbnail, and add a clickable link at the end of your video, all with the free version of the software.

If you want your videos to have more of a professional touch, the paid option allows you to add a watermark of your company logo. Downloads will also become unlocked so you can use your videos how you please. Detailed analytics and the ability to schedule meetings through your video make Soapbox a strong contender.

Loom – Free or $10 per Month

Loom is the perfect balance of easy-to-use and feature-packed. Record as many videos as you want with either plan, but you’re limited to accessing 100 at a time with the free option.

Something to consider is that a few of the premium features are only available to Mac users, including 4k recordings and partial screen recordings. The pro version gives you analytics on all platforms while both plans allow you to add animated GIF thumbnails.

The ability to embed links and clickable buttons in your videos makes the pro version of Soapbox a no brainer for serious business use. Choose annual billing and take advantage of the 20% discount.

CamStudio – Free

CamStudio is a free and straightforward video recording software that may have fewer features than other options, but what it does it does well. A basic as it appears, it actually has more under the hood than you realize at first glance.

You have the ability to both record video or take screenshots. Adding annotations is a breeze. Want to show yourself talking while also displaying what’s happening on screen? CamStudio lets you do a picture-in-picture mode buy overlaying a webcam recording overtop of a screen recording.

You should always take caution with free software, and CamStudio is no different. It comes bundled with additional software you probably don’t want, but you can avoid installing it during the setup process if you read the instructions carefully. Simple select “decline” any time it asks if you give permission to install anything other than CamStudio.

Ezvid – Free

As you can probably tell from its name, Ezvid aims to be an easy-to-use video recorder for anyone, even if they have no previous recording or editing experience.

The first significant feature (or lack thereof) to take note of is that Ezvid does not allow you to save your completed video directly to your PC. It will only allow you to export it to YouTube or Twitch. The workaround for this is quite simple; just add a YouTube downloader extension to your browser and download your video to your computer after uploading it and use it wherever you like. It’s not ideal, but it works, and it’s free.

You can start and stop your recordings as much as you want and Ezvid will automatically splice them together for you. Add image and text slides within your video to help add context or to show important information to your viewers. Record your screen or your webcam to capture everything you need to create an informative video.

Debut Video Capture – Free for Home Use

Debut Video Capture is free to use at home on your personal PC. It’s pretty basic compared to other options we’ve discussed already, but that can be a good thing if you don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles.

You get your standard cutting and pasting of clips, and you can adjust color options such as contrast and saturation. You can also select your video source, whether it be your webcam or computer screen, or even external cameras like your security cams.

You get a nice variety of export file-type options, such as JPG and PNG for screenshots and AVI, FLV, MKV, and WMV for video files.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio – $59.95

The Movavi Screen Recorder is available in three separate variations, and the “Studio” version is the mid-tier option. The low-end only offers basic recording, and the Video Suite is for those who work with video creation full-time.

The first thing you’ll see when you load up the program is that they offer tutorials. It is recommended you take advantage of these and go through them at least once. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is already intuitive, and if you follow the tutorials you’ll have most of it figured out before you even start.

It offers a vast array of options with which to experiment. You can decide to capture your entire screen, a specific window, or even select a customized portion of the display. The sound can be recorded directly from the computer or through the microphone.

It works flawlessly for recording Skype calls, games, and music. Make use of transitions and animated titles to add some personality. This isn’t your simple cut and paste editor; the filters and effects allow your creativity to flow unabated.


All of the software we’ve discussed above is more than capable of producing high-quality videos you’ll be proud to share with colleagues.

Video creates authority, and you’ll be seen as an influential figure in your space without spending thousands on expensive equipment and training programs.

Now is the time to start making videos to stand out from the crowd because if you wait too much longer, you might find yourself getting lost in it.

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