Tribal Marketing is a fantastic opportunity for exponential growth

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From the first humans who ever lived to today’s age, our brains changed and evolved, but they didn’t change that much.

It is a known fact that tribalism still exists today.

Some of the tribes didn’t want to adapt to modernism, but we have tribes in today’s age too, which adapted to the internet.

We can even see tribes in the business world.

They are the result of effective tribal marketing done by smart brands (more on this later)

In case you are wondering why I’ll let my friend Abraham Maslow explain with an image. (I wish)

HINT: It’s about the hierarchy of needs, the 3rd need for humans is love and belongingness.

Maslow pyramid - Tribal marketing

Some businesses saw an opportunity in this and took action, so should you!

In the business world, tribe means a group of people with shared values, problems, wants, needs.

There is a difference between business tribes and traditional tribes.

  • In traditional tribes, people don’t need to share the same blood, culture, or religion.
  • In a business tribe, you find people that have the same thing in common:

They want your products/services and are actually excited about it.

People start to trust you more, from all the repeated occasions where you showed up on their screen.

They feel like they know you, they see the similarities, they actually like you.

That’s before you even speak with them 1:1.

Compare that to cold calling.

This is marketing at it’s best, creating a group of people that are turning from strangers into fans.

This idea was first introduced to us by Seth Godin in his book called “Tribes.”

In his own words:

Today, marketing is about engaging with the tribe and delivering products or services.

Savvy business leaders already know the importance of marketing. They also know it’s critical to market to a target audience using their customer avatar.

The question is…how many of you know there is an untapped marketing resource at your fingertips?

I present you “Tribe Marketing.” Here you will identify and engage with a group of people that are going to be your future fans.

As time passes, the people in the group will start buying more of your products or services than before.

Here is why tribal marketing is so efficient:

  • They will trust you more
  • They will buy into your vision
  • They will feel connected to you as a leader
  • They will speak with other people
  • They will engage in deep conversations
  • They will realize other people have similar values
  • They will feel accepted as they are
  • They will feel like they are part of a community

We live in a world of opportunities, and technology today allows you to do this from the comfort of our own home.

You have a significant opportunity for tapping into the human desire psychological needs and use it

…for your own advantage!

The rookie business owner wants to believe that he finished the job after two things:

– Target audience
– Ads to target the audience

The reality is that marketing, like everything else, is evolving.

Tribal marketing goes beyond targeting people.

It goes far into engaging with a group of people and getting to know them.

Conversations are a significant influence because people share their thoughts with other people. This sparks a connection between them.

According to psychology, human connection is exactly what everyone wants.

Guess what company already uses this strategy?

Apple…sitting at $1 TRILLION.

The step by step system for tribal marketing:

Step 1 – Identity:

The customer avatar is essential, so it shouldn’t be obvious; the first thing you need to do is to create it. 

With a twist…

Instead of writing the “generical” such as the demographics or their income level, you need to go a lot deeper. 

Think about their:

  • Hopes
  • Dreams
  • Desire
  • Fears
  • Regrets

Anything that you can get your hands on that makes you understand a person. 

Pro Tip: If you already have a customer base, use that list to create your avatar. If you don’t have that, think about how your ideal client would be and start researching.

Step 2 – Lead:

Create the content tailored for your tribe, positioning yourself as a thought leader.

If you do this, they will start talking good about you and your brand.

Make sure you speak their language while maintaining your own authenticity.

If you’ve done the avatar research good enough, speaking with them should be easy. You share values and passions they have too.

Important: Leading a tribe takes courage, authenticity, and vulnerability.

If you want your tribe to share and talk amongst themselves, you want to encourage people to do it.

Tell them you want them to speak between them, getting to know each other. This way, they will engage in deeper conversations with their buddies.

You allow them to be a part of a community they always desired. This will establish more trust between you and the brand.

Step 3 – Engage:

This is the time for you to use all your tricks and encourage people to engage even more. The more they do it, the better.

In a Facebook group, for example, try doing the following:

– Live events each week where you talk about specific topics

– Q&A video session each week where you answer their questions

– A regular video where you talk about your overlapped passions

This will make people feel like they know you, plus you present yourself as an expert in the field.

For the best outcome possible, you should also ask yourself the following questions:

  • What motivates the group?
  • What are they talking about?
  • How do they desire support?
  • Do they like to share a quick status update?
  • Do they like to engage in lengthier back-and-forth discussions?

A quick recap for tribal marketing:

Tribes still exist today, and most of them adapted to technology. Smart people took action on this opportunity called tribal marketing. (Apple does it)

The potential customers from a “tribe” trust the brand more and are more eager, even excited to buy.

Why does it work? According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people have a strong need to be part of a community.

Tribal marketing offers that.

If you want to execute on this strategy, all you need to do is:

  1. Create your customer avatar on a deeper level
  2. Create a space where people can interact, like a Facebook group
  3. Find the people, add them to the group
  4. Engage with them
  5. Use essential psychological tricks to make them engage more
  6. Sell them your products or your services

PS: If you feel like this is a bit overwhelming, we’d love to help you out.

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