Tips and Advice: The power of follow-up

Power of Follow-up

Cold calling is still highly efficient, mainly because of the follow-up.

There are so many ways to communicate in today’s busy, hectic, and fast-paced world. 

Email, text, Facebook, and every other social media site make it that much easier to reach clients.

The phone call is almost a lost art.

Ah yes, the phone call and follow through...

The power of follow up

The final frontier of one-on-one communication between salesperson and client. 

It’s been tried and true since the day Alexander Graham Bell asked for Watson’s help.

But for as powerful as it can still be, a phone call can also die on deaf ears. 

It’s an art, for sure, to continue communication with a prospective client. And no doubt it takes more than one call to get it done.

So what is it with the follow-up call, and how powerful can it be?

The thing to remember with follow-up calls is this:

They are necessary, and their payoff takes some time. 

It’s improbable you’re going to get anywhere on your first follow-up call. No doubt, this practice takes time.

“When it comes to cold sales, you haven’t reached out to someone until after your third follow-up,” said Dylan Bridger, President, and COO at ZenRevenue Inc. “I’ve relied almost entirely on cold sales to build up a profitable content marketing company in less than a year. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for a disciplined follow-up system.”

Bridger says the keyword in building on your cold calls is “disciplined.” 

Following up with a non-responsive sales prospect can feel uncomfortable and almost like nagging. 

Especially if you’re faced with radio silence after the second follow up call.

“You need to have a schedule, and you need to commit to it,” Bridger said. “If you don’t hear back from a cold call, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your lead is not interested in what you have to offer.”

Many factors could delay a callback. 

It’s essential not to get discouraged. Maybe the individual was in a meeting, or perhaps out of the country on business or vacation. 

Or maybe they simply forgot to get back to you. 

First of all, people are busy.

“In sales, it’s critical to reduce as much friction as possible in the sales process for your prospect,” Bridger said. “That includes simplifying their decision by reminding them of your offer with a friendly follow-up.”

Therefore Bridger says following up with cold call prospects is well worth the investment of time…every time.

“I have single-handedly contributed thousands of dollars in sales to my company’s top line that would have otherwise not been there if I hadn’t sent follow-ups,” he said.

Although the prospect of follow up calls may indeed feel uncomfortable and naggy, it’s important to remember that it is indeed a craft that successful salespeople have mastered. 

High-level executives recognize that, and many times understand that you’re a professional on the other end of the phone, too.

As a Human Resources professional and independent hiring consultant, Wendy Alexander says the follow-up call is everything, and she appreciates the consistent follow up from her end.

“In HR, you get a ton of sales calls and emails,” Alexander said. “What has impressed me is people that really listen when you say, ‘not now, but please reach out to me down the road as I may be able to look at that in June.’ And they stick to it and call you back when you asked – even if it a year from now.”

Keep that in mind when making that call. 

First of all, It’s probably not nearly as uncomfortable for the person receiving the call, as it might be for you. 

People are busy, fielding hundreds of phone calls and emails every day.

“Follow up can feel very uncomfortable, so many people avoid it. They don’t understand how to do it well, so they don’t do it at all,” said Amy Wenslow of Products to Profits, based in Southern California. “But a phone call is a dialogue. You can’t get that from an email. We strive to be genuinely warm, polite, concise, and interested in serving people when we call. That pretty much ensures we will be welcomed.”

Wenslow has four tips that she uses in her company to help with the cold call. Stick to these tips, and the follow-up call is sure to come.

Tips to benefit from the power of follow-up:


  • Be organized.
  • Think of it as a fun connection game.
  • Care about the well-being of the conversation participants you included.
  • Be bold & experiment with new moves. Track the results.

Most noteworthy, we at Lead Engine take the time to follow up with every lead generated. 

Our primary purpose is to fill your calendar with qualified leads that build your topline. 

Our team of expert outbound callers are an extension of your organization. 

We ask the right questions so that you are prepared walking into your meeting. 

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